The Lounge Bar

The Bar is open all days at all times

Spend a moment of comfort and calm for an aperitif or after lunch or dinner, and make yourself comfortable in the hotel's lounge bar Le Lion d'Or in Bayeux. Enjoy the cosy atmosphere of a place filled with memories and warmly decorated.

In front of the crackling fireplace with its large original chimney, and comfortably settled in a Chesterfield sofa or Club armchair, you will enjoy ,with a glass in hand, looking at the photos,one by one and the little notes left by all the personalities who have stayed at Le Lion d'Or in Bayeux.

An institution and witness of an era, the Lion d'Or in Bayeux, has hosted many politicians, armies, film actors, singers and others:
The President and US General Eisenhower, General De Gaulle, the Kennedy family, Prince Charles, General Montgomery, President Jacques Chirac, Lord Moundbatten, Krudder Colonel,


Actors John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Catherine Deneuve, Michèle Morgan, Jean Marais, Mathilde Seignier, Jean Gabin, Bourvil, Jean Paul Belmondo, Line Renaud, Jean Piat, Michel Drucker, Claude Chabrol, Henri Verneuil, Richard Todd, Lord Ford

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks and the writer Hemingway,

We can add to this, without naming them and especially not forgetting the many veterans and former resistance fighters and their families who have come or still come to the Lion D'or in Bayeux.

The historic bar, a place loaded with memories is perfect for having an aperitif before lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Among the drinks that are offered at the bar Lion d'Or, discover a wide selection of Calvados, an alcohol deemed emblematic of Normandy