Between Land and Sea, between history and youth

If you feel at home as soon as you settle in at the Lion d'Or in Bayeux, the richness of the region encourages you to explore the landscapes, the towns and enjoy a region with many talents.

Bayeux and Calvados are both a seaside region and an anchorage in the land of the Bessin. This duality is expressed in many ways, from the menu of your favorite restaurant to the landscape that you will cross as you travel through the Bayeux region.

Whether you are a couple or a couple of friends, your getaway will take on a very different air depending on your mood. And that is the strength of a stay in the region. Each of us can experience a vacation in his or her own way.

A page of French History

The region is particularly rich from a historical point of view, marked by the Normandy landings. It offers to discover incredible museums, from the Caen Memorial to more local museums but held by passionate people. They will make you live the history of the region in an intense way. This is how young and old alike become passionate about the History of France.


Bayeux, a seaside town

Bayeux is only 10 km from the sea. Here again, history will challenge you with the visit of batteries and blockhouses. But the seaside is also an opportunity for family walks, hours of play on the sand or just as many hours spent with the family collecting shellfish.


Bayeux, quite simply

What if a stay in Bayeux was simply the opportunity to discover Bayeux? If Bayeux is only known for its tapestry, the city has a rich cultural heritage that goes far beyond its symbol. The cathedral is the best example, it has been enthroned over the city for a thousand years. Bayeux, the first city to be liberated during the Second World War, was protected from the fighting and its architectural and cultural heritage is therefore the most intact in the region. Churches, private mansions and numerous statues can be found on your way to Bayeux and along the river Aure.


Bayeux, a country town

If Bayeux is a city of the sea, it is also a city of the land. Abbeys and castles, footpaths and greenways, botanical parks and remarkable gardens, nature is omnipresent in Bayeux and in the region. Numerous opportunities to visit will give your stay, whatever the season, a touch of nature always appreciated.


Bayeux for children

Bayeux and its region are full of theme parks, castles to explore, zoos to visit, beaches to explore and museums to learn about. Fortunately, the rooms at the Lion d'Or hotel in Bayeux are comfortable for a good rest!

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A place full of history in memory of the soldiers who fell for freedom. Our Freedom.

During your stay at the hotel, visit the Museum of the Bayeux Tapestry where the embroidery of the 11th century that tells of the exploits of William the Conqueror is displayed.

Take advantage of your stay at the hotel to discover Bayeux, capital of the Bessin region. This small Norman city conceals many treasures. Discover the old Bayeux and its alleys of another time lined with private mansions of the 15th century. To see: the Notre-Dame cathedral; the British military cemetery of Bayeux; the Bayeux lace conservatory; the bell tower of the Saint-Patrice church; the town hall; the Charles de Gaulle memorial...

A jewel of Norman architecture located in the heart of the protected area, Bayeux Cathedral was dedicated on July 14, 1077 by Bishop Odon de Conteville in the presence of his illustrious brother, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England.e on July 14, 1077 by Bishop Odon de Conteville in the presence of his illustrious brother, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy and King of England. It is said that it is to decorate the nave of the cathedral that Odon had the Bayeux Tapestry embroidered, a masterpiece of the Middle Ages.

Just a few steps from the hotel, visit the Baron Gérard museum located in the former episcopal palace of Bayeux, Place de la Liberté. The museum houses a rich collection of art objects and traces the history of the city of Bayeux.

During your stay at the hotel, visit the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum, a must-see on your tour of the 1944 D-Day beaches.

Listed in the inventory of historical monuments, the botanical garden of Bayeux is one of the most beautiful landscaped parks of the 19th century in Normandy.

Pedestrian paths or greenways for bicycles, the possibilities are numerous to escape.

It is always a pleasure to let yourself get lost in the alleys of a remarkable garden or park. To stroll without worrying about time between trees and flowers, to discover essences and perfumes, as many invitation to travel.

A few kilometers from Bayeux for the first monuments, you will find a great number of things to do and discover.

25 minutes from the hotel, visit the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum. Created as a duty of remembrance, the Omaha Beach Memorial Museum, with a surface area of 1,200m², presents a rich collection of personal objects, uniforms, weapons, military and armored vehicles.It presents a rich collection of personal objects, uniforms, weapons, military and armored vehicles.

15 minutes from the hotel, the D-Day Landing Museum in Arromanches opens the doors to a place full of history. Located opposite the remains of the artificial harbor near the beach and in the heart of a lively shopping area, the D-Day Museum will help you discover a major site of the Battle of Normandy.

A place of remembrance and cultural center in Normandy, the Juno Beach Center honors the 45,000 Canadians who lost their lives during World War II, including 5,500 in the Battle of Normandy and 359 on D-Day.

Built on the very spot where the American troops landed on June 6, 1944 in Normandy in the department of La Manche, the Utah Beach Museum tells in ten sequences the events of D-Day, from its preparation to its success.e of Utah Beach tells in ten sequences the events of D-Day, from its preparation to its outcome and success.

A major structure of the Atlantic Wall, the German coastal defense battery of Longues-sur-Mer includes a fire command post and four casemates each housing a 150 mm artillery piece.

Pegasus Bridge, the D-Day Museum in Ranville, hosts the collections of the Aspeg and tells the story of the first hours of the Normandy invasion and the 6th British Airborne Division to which Thérèse & Georges Gondrée belonged.and the 6th British Airborne Division to which Thérèse & Georges Gondrée belonged.

Dive into our maritime universe by sailing from our marinas or by pulling on the wings of a kite... as you wish.

The Mont-Saint-Michel has the particularity of being erected on a rocky islet, surrounded by a magnificent bay, theater of the biggest tides of continental Europe.

Want to walk on the long and beautiful beach of Omaha, to bask in Asnelles, to swim in Arromanches, to build the most beautiful sand castle in Ver sur Mer or to practice activities in Luc sur Mer or elsewhere...the sandy beachesof Calvados offer you relaxation and leisure.

How to spend a vacation in Normandy in Calvados without going directly to our producers of all our good products.

Go on an adventure, meet exotic animals, or attend shows featuring our animal friends. Here are some ideas for outings that the whole family will love! And don't forget the farms of Calvados which are full of animals and specialities to see and taste

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, without forgetting the origins of Normandy, the Vikings, the sites are numerous. Start in Bayeux itself by following the circuit of the "Old Bayeux", you will then be able to go a few kilometers away on several sites to impregnate yourself with the habitats and the ways of life of all these periods.

There's no age limit to having fun. So how about some good family time at one or more of the area parks. There are many possibilities

You have at your disposal tens of kilometers of coastline.

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