Zoos and Farms

Go on an adventure, meet exotic animals, or attend shows featuring our animal friends. Here are some ideas for outings that the whole family will love! And don't forget the farms of Calvados which are full of animals and specialities to see and taste

Jurques Zoological Park

In the heart of the Bocage Normand, between Caen and Vire, the Jurques zoo welcomes you for a family day in Normandy!

Meet more than 700 wild animals including the exceptional white lion...
Niger giraffe, Chinese red panda, Siberian tiger, Mongolian snow leopard, etc. Discover the animals of the world! A change of scenery is guaranteed among the African and South American plains, the mountains of Africa, the Australian territory, the village of reptiles...

Get closer to the animals in our contact enclosures: maki monkey park, Australian aviary. Enter one of the largest aviaries in Normandy and get up close to the largest parrot in the world, the Hyacinth Macaw.

Throughout the season, fun and free activities punctuate your visit: contact with the snakes, penguins' meal, monkeys and giraffes' snack, wolves and lions' meal.

On site: restaurant "La part du Lion" and store, open every day the park is open. Snack bar open in July and August.
Plan a minimum of 2 hours of visit.

La Butte -Jurques

T : 02 31 77 80 58


Zoological Park of Champrépus

The zoological park of Normandy was born from the passion of Lucien Lebreton (the grandfather of the current owners) on July 10, 1957. The zoo of Champrépus first welcomed animals from the region and then the collection grew, the park becoming, at that time, the first "care center" of the department.

493, rue Saint-Gaud
50800 Champrépus - France
Tel. : 02 33 61 30 74


Domaine des Rouges Terres - Educational farm

Discover the animal park of the Roncheville orchard where 25 species of Norman breeds live together.
The orchards of Calvados were born from a desire and a need to return to the roots in our beautiful region of Normandy.
To care for, plant, graft and harvest in the pure natural tradition, without any pesticides, to leave to our future generations a beautiful heritage of nature that we have respected. Labelled Nature&Progrès and Agriculture Biologique, their orchards include 400 varieties of apples (for knives and juice).
The treasure hunt, the playground and the beautiful store make the Roncheville orchard an ideal, playful and rural outing for the whole family!

VERGER DE RONCHEVILLE - D95 route de Troarn 14860 BAVENT


Canon Farm - Mézidon Canon

An ecological farm where visitors can pet all the animals or almost all of them...

Located in Ouézy near Caen in Normandy, we invite you to discover their farm in order to see their animals, products, crops and tree houses.
An immersion in the farm thanks to several guided tours. In these you will discover the animals, the secrets of production as well as the large domain which contains an atypical history. Young and old alike will be able to explore the entire estate and recharge their batteries in the midst of an idyllic setting.

The entrance to the farm is located at Domaine de OUEZY - 22, rue Auguste Lemonnier 14270 OUEZY

Hervé and Héloïse de Mézerac

Postal address:
Avenue du Château de Canon
14270 Mézidon Canon

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