Remarkable Parks & Gardens

It is always a pleasure to let yourself get lost in the alleys of a remarkable garden or park. To stroll without worrying about time between trees and flowers, to discover essences and perfumes, as many invitation to travel.

A few minutes from Bayeux, you will find several places that will amaze you.

Also easily accessible by bike, you can link the discovery of the Bocage Normand.

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Garden of Castillon

In Normandy, near Bayeux, in the natural setting of the Castillon Valley, discover the gardens of Castillon. They were created for the pleasure of the eyes and the knowledge of plants.

A thematic garden allows you to stroll from the garden of scents to the oriental garden, after having passed in front of the mixed border in the English style or the octagonal basin...

Composed of three successive terraces punctuated by topiary yews, a second garden opens onto a beautiful border of grasses, blue flowering plants and daylilies.

The visit ends with a small arboretum followed by a boxwood labyrinth.

An adjoining sale of perennials and shrubs offers you the possibility to acquire the plants you are looking for.

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Garden of the Château de Brécy

Sumptuous architectural complex. Brécy is located at the limit of the plain of Caen and the Bessin. By what chance did this garden come to nestle in this hollow is an enigma that obsessed La Varende, fascinated by this "inexplicable magnificence".

The garden of Brécy, long attributed to François Mansart, dates from the second half of the 17th century. One of the few surviving examples from this period in France, it is laid out on four terraces rising above the parterre at the back of the house to the gate and the sky. Each terrace has its own garden. Brécy has kept a strong medieval imprint (independent walled gardens) of Renaissance acquisitions, sculpture and embroidery, while announcing the great compositions of classical French gardens, in close relationship with the house.

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Garden of the Forgotten in the Castle of Balleroy

Garden of 1000 m², created in 1987, made up of different rooms with themes: summer garden, walled garden, white garden, in a first part which is under the influence of a soft layout anda vegetable garden with roses created in Normandy, with a geometrical layout, as a nod to the XVIIth century castle that stands out in the surrounding landscape.

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Botanical park of Bayeux

Listed as a historical monument, the botanical garden of Bayeux is one of the most beautiful 19th century landscape parks in Normandy. Created in 1859, this public garden of 2.6 hectares is the work of the Bühler brothers, creators of the Parc de la Tête d'Or in Lyon and the Thabor in Rennes. The most spectacular element of this garden is a "weeping beech", classified as a natural monument since 1932 and labeled "remarkable tree of France" since 2000. A discovery circuit, consisting of 17 information terminals, invites you to discover at your own pace the botanical riches of the garden as well as historical anecdotes about the city.

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Gardens of the Pays d'Auge

Near Cambremer, a charming village typical of the Pays d'Auge enveloped by its gently sloping hills, a few kilometers from Lisieux. For more than a decade, the nurserymen Armelle and Jacques Noppe had decided to create gardens whose diversity would be a source of inspiration for all amateurs. They set about this task with the help of landscape designer Chantal Lejard-Gasson. The result is a multitude of vegetal atmospheres, punctuated by picturesque small half-timbered buildings, which follow one another and respond to each other thanks to the significant changes in level and the presence of water.

September gardens, rose garden, Devil's garden, Angels' garden, all these themes highlight the plants with an excellent labeling that makes the walk as fun as it is instructive. A museum of old tools and the bakery museum complete the visit.

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Gardens of the Domaine D'Albizia

Landscapers and botany enthusiasts, we have created the gardens of Domaine Albizia. These gardens are structured around 12 landscaped areas. Each of them is made up of different plant families from all over the world. During your walk, you will make a world tour of the plant kingdom.

Over a total area of 2.9 hectares, the landscapes follow one another without ever looking the same. The Japanese garden invites you to contemplate, the exotic garden invites you to cross the jungle and the labyrinth invites you to get lost.

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