Castles and Viking Village

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, without forgetting the origins of Normandy, the Vikings, the sites are numerous. Start in Bayeux itself by following the circuit of the "Old Bayeux", you will then be able to go a few kilometers away on several sites to impregnate yourself with the habitats and the ways of life of all these periods.

You will also have the opportunity to play ancient games, to dress up in period clothing, to investigate and other activities await you.


Fontaine Henry Castle

Between Caen and the D-Day landing beaches, the Fontaine-Henry castle is a magnificent Renaissance residence, in the same family for 800 years.

When you arrive in front of the Fontaine-Henry castle, the first thing you will notice when you look up is the height of the roof; Fontaine-Henry is among the castles with the highest roofs in France!
You will then admire its façade in "stone lace", very Renaissance.

The visit will take you to the first floor salons and then to the upper floors where you can admire a beautiful collection of antique furniture and paintings.
In the wooded park, the seigniorial chapel dates from the 13th and 16th centuries.

About thirty old games are at the disposal of the public in the park: ideal to play in family!

3 place du château - 14610 FONTAINE-HENRY


Castle of Falaise

In the heart of Normandy, 45 minutes south of Caen and the D-Day landing beaches, Falaise Castle is a major example of 12th and 13th century medieval architecture.

Completely restored, the William the Conqueror castle dominates the city with its 3 keeps and its ramparts flanked by 15 towers.
Discover the stronghold built by the first Dukes of Normandy, reinforced by the descendants of William the Conqueror and completed by the King of France, Philip II Augustus.

The film projections, the staging, the visualization and the manipulation of 3D objects on tactile tablets, the installations of replicas of furniture reveal the reality of the ducal and royal castle.
In the park, a film and stereoscopic binoculars allow you to relive the history and life of the castle as if you were there!

Place Guillaume Le Conquérant - 14700 FALAISE


Castle of Crèvecoeur

Among the fortified sites that existed in the Middle Ages in Normandy, Crèvecoeur is a unique example of a small lordship miraculously preserved.
This medieval castle surrounded by water has preserved its original plan in two parts: on its mound of earth, the manor house is protected by a set of fortifications; the chapel and the half-timbered farm buildings are grouped together in the bailey.

Exhibitions present rural life in the Middle Ages, timber-framed architecture, religious life in the Middle Ages and historical reconstitution.
Duration of the visit: 1h30.

Schlumberger Museum Foundation - 14340 MÉZIDON VALLÉE D'AUGE


Ornavik, from the Vikings to the Normans, Historical Park

Near Caen, the Ornavik historical park aims to reconstruct the Normandy of the 10th and 11th centuries.

Discover the history of the birth of our region, Normandy, through its Carolingian village, its Viking space and its motte castrale.
Ornavik offers you the possibility to study history, but above all to live it.

The project works thanks to the involvement of a hundred volunteers, the support of regional companies and the support of local authorities.

Domaine de Beauregard - 14200 HEROUVILLE-SAINT-CLAIR

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