For a successful seminar in Bayeux, there's only one address: Hôtel Lion d'Or Bayeux

The success of your seminar in Bayeux is always crucial to the quality of the message you wish to convey to your colleagues, partners and other professional intermediaries. But for this, the quality of the establishment has a big role to play. Hôtel Le Lion d'Or Bayeux has made this its specialty.

A seminar in Normandy for successful meetings

Are you looking for a downtown Bayeux hotel that stands out from the large, standardized chains in drab shopping areas. You're looking for a bit of history, a bit of personality, a setting that makes you want to work, but also to enjoy your free time. You want your business partners to be in a soothing, professional setting, but far from their office. It was perhaps with this in mind that the Hôtel le Lion d'Or Bayeux has defined its seminar offer in Bayeux. That's why the reception room, which can be adapted at will, is designed to accommodate around 30 people. All the comforts are present, including Wi-Fi, essential natural light, conference equipment, access to screens for working and much more. There's no doubt about it, your seminar in the Baie de Somme will be a working seminar.

A seminar in Normandy close to the sea

The hotel setting is defined in two ways: the environment, and the quality of the establishment. As far as the environment is concerned, if you choose to hold your seminar in Bayeux, you'll be just 10 minutes from the sea. It's ideal for a setting that's always appreciated, or for organizing group activities, for example. And even beyond the sea, it's the town's charm that makes it such a pleasure to be in the heart of this historic town. And then there's the pleasure of having chosen Hôtel Le Lion d'Or Bayeux for this seminar in Normandy . Even Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg chose it when they visited the region in 2000! Whether or not you choose one of the various formulas linked to your professional status, you'll always have the pleasure of a charming hotel, personalized rooms and a restaurant featuring Norman cuisine revisited with touches from the 4 corners of the world.

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