Cocktail bar in Bayeux, what if you went to the hotel?

If you want to find a cocktail bar in Bayeux that offers a choice, an atmosphere and a particularly successful setting, there is only one address to remember, that of the hotel Le Lion d'Or.

An intimate bar in Calvados for a successful evening

It's not that easy to find a cozy bar in Bayeux. If you're looking for a real personality, an English club-style decor with deep leather armchairs, and photos of the most illustrious guests to accentuate the privilege of being part of it, there's the bar of the hotel Le Lion d'Or. Located on rue Saint-Jean, it is hidden on the first floor of the building. It doesn't shout from the sidewalk that it is the best cocktail bar in Bayeux. But all those who have tried it know that the menu is more than complete. Alcohols and cocktails, wines and spirits, but also snacks so you don't stay hungry, you're right at the bottom of the club chairs, in front of these moments of history of the hotelYou'll find yourself in the back of the club chairs, in front of these moments of hotel history immortalized by photos of Spielberg, Tom Hanks, King Charles III when he was Prince of Wales and many other illustrious guests. When we talk about a privileged and intimate atmosphere in this cosy bar in Bayeux, it is more than a promise.

A gourmet restaurant in Bayeux to complement a unique bar

This cocktail bar in Bayeux, so special with its style and history, complements the establishment's upscale restaurant perfectly. Here too everything is special, with that touch of originality that makes you fall in love with an address. This gastronomic restaurant in Bayeux plays a daring card, that of the local cuisine of Normandy retouched with the flavors of Asia that the chef so appreciates. At the Lion's table, we are in front of a spectacular plate, in a very successful setting, we taste a cuisine that can only be found at At the Lion d'Or, you can taste a cuisine that can only be found at this address in the Lion d'Or hotel and you can regularly enjoy the organized activities such as dinner concerts. Don't look any further for an address where you can go out even if you are not a client of the establishment, you have just found it, it is on Rue Saint-Jean.

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