Le Lion d'Or Bayeux: Gastronomic excellence in the heart of Normandy

In the heart of Bayeux, Le Lion d'Or stands out as a must-visit address for lovers of gastronomy and history. This prestigious hotel-restaurant offers a unique culinary experience in Normandy, combining tradition and innovation.

Looking for the best in Normandy gastronomy? Le Lion d'Or in Bayeux invites you to discover its renowned gastronomic restaurant, a veritable gustatory voyage to the heart of history.

A renowned gourmet restaurant in Bayeux

Our gourmet restaurant in Bayeux is a celebration of Norman flavors. Each dish, carefully prepared by our chef, is a culinary work of art that showcases local seasonal produce.

A refined, historic setting

The Lion d'Or restaurant, located in downtown Bayeux, welcomes you to a setting steeped in history. Dine in a warm and elegant atmosphere, where every detail contributes to creating a memorable experience.

The Chef's specialties

Discover the best of Bayeux's restaurant, where tradition meets modernity. Our varied menu will satisfy the most discerning palates, from seafood lovers to devotees of local cuisine.

A cocktail bar for unforgettable evenings

Our cocktail bar in Bayeux is the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring. Enjoy a selection of classic cocktails and original creations in a friendly, sophisticated atmosphere.

Stay in comfort and elegance

Beyond the gastronomy, Le Lion d'Or offers comfortable and elegantly appointed rooms and suites. Enjoy a luxurious stay with all the services you need for an unforgettable experience in Normandy.

Why choose Le Lion d'Or for your Normandy getaway?

Le Lion d'Or is not just a hotel restaurant in Bayeux; it's an invitation to experience Normandy at its best. With its blend of history, gastronomy and comfort, your stay with us promises to be unforgettable.

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