Gastronomic restaurant in Bayeux, to enhance your stay at the Hotel Le Lion d'Or

La table du Lion d'Or is the restaurant of the hotel of the same name, an institution in the city. It is above all a gastronomic restaurant in Bayeux that is worth discovering for 1000 reasons. We give you some of them.

A hotel with a restaurant in Calvados: local cuisine on the menu

At the hotel Le Lion d'Or, you will discover a regional cuisine at the table of Thomas Busnoult. This chef has worked in several palaces in the major ski resorts and cities of the French Riviera. A globetrotter at heart, he has had the opportunity to travel, but also to put down his knives in the USA. He brought back a certain interest for real Asian cuisine, which he now loves to marry with Norman cuisine. Short circuits, seasons, local producers, he masters the products with art and offers them new perspectives that you will love in this gastronomic restaurant in Bayeux.

Hotel restaurant in Bayeux, a table to remember

The gastronomic restaurant in Bayeux, La Table du Lion, also appeals for its side dishes. There is already this beautiful reception room, elegant, contemporary, chic but without ostentation where certainly, it is the plate and the know-how which are the priorities. This regional cuisine at the table of chef Thomas Busnoult is also highlighted with the wine list or the musical animations such as jazz dinners organized regularly. You don't just come to discover an address that stands out, you come to enjoy a great moment.

This last one will be able to continue in the best Bayeux cocktail bar which is none other than the hotel's lounge bar. In the hollow of club chairs that have seen celebrities pass by for several decades, you will find a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that you will love. Cocktails, spirits, and fine wines will have a different taste in front of the fireplace, on an old leather armchair and under the gaze of photos illustrating the passage of Spielberg, Tom Hanks, the Prince of Wales and some other celebrities.

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